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Digital dentistry is revolutionizing the field of clinical practice by dramatically increasing speed of delivery and accuracy while simultaneously reducing costs and time spent by doctor and patient.
Digital workflows can be accomplished in far less time. Digital dentures can be done in a matter of days, not weeks. Surgical planning can be done and the guide and drilling report printed and shipped with astonishing speed. Usually the next business day. Orthodontic cases can be planned and the clear aligners fabricated and shipped within days. Never before has speed of service like this been possible.
We provide tremendous flexibility to the clinician regarding the degree to which he wishes to outsource.We do this by providing ala carte pricing on our services. For instance, in the area of orthodontic clear tray aligners, we can do everything for you; plan the case (with your review and approval), print the models, and fabricate the finished aligners. Alternately, you can pick and choose which steps of the process you would like to outsource to us and which you would like to do in-house. Similar options exist with surgical planning and with dentures.
Digital dentistry works well in combination with traditional materials and workflows. The fastest way to work with a digital lab is to send your scan files to us. This eliminates the added time and expense of taking traditional impressions, pouring up stone models, and shipping them to the lab. But there is no problem with you sending traditional materials to us. We will simply convert them to digital files at our end.
We are easy to work with, responsive to your individual needs and fanatically dedicated to the field of 3D digital dentistry. We look forward to contributing to your success as a clinician.